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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Oh My Ummah!

I went to the masjid, and I saw the jemaah was made up mostly by old folks. Where did all the young people go..? 

Oh my ummah!

I read the newspaper and all I came across were news on crimes and evils of human's hands. Guess what? A big chunk of them were committed by so-called Muslims.

Oh my ummah!

I watched the news on tv. Palestinians are not getting any better. There seems to be no end to the Syrian conflict. The Sudanese are fighting against each other. The poverty in Somalia is becoming worse every single day. And they are all Muslims!

Oh my ummah! 

I went to the bank, wanting to open a new account. There were a number of interesting offers, undoubtedly with lucrative interests (riba'). Guess what? A sizable amount of Muslims were their loyal customers.

Oh my ummah!  

I went for my usual jog at the nearby park. Saw a lot of couples expressing their so-called unconditional love to each other. Puke. Most of the girls wore tudung and most of the guys had unmistakably brown skin. Err.. Shiuuh shiuuh wind passing over my face. 

Oh my ummah! 

I was browsing some interesting news from around the world, and I stumbled upon this very bizarre piece of news. This guy from one of the Emirates bought a number plate for millions of dirhams. Whereas just a few hundreds of kilometres away you'll findMuslims starving and living in utter poverty. Scratching head. 

Oh my ummah! 

I had my late night driving and passed through a few night clubs and bars. How I wished I was mistaken but I saw a number of Muslims were happily drinking and partying.

Oh my ummah!

I went through an Islamic forum on the internet, hoping that I would find something useful and relevant to improve my understanding of my deen. How frustrated I was, I found people bickering against each other on trivial matters instead.

Oh my ummah!

It goes without saying that most of drug addicts in this country are Muslims. Most of the thrown away newborn babies have Muslim parents. Surprise surprise. 

Oh my ummah!

I went out there and I saw Muslims attacking and killing each other. Everyone claimed to be more Muslim than others. Everyone seemed to care more about themselves and just couldn't care less about others. And the enemies just sat at one side, watching eagerly while eating popcorns. Gah! Whatever happened to this ummah..??  

Say what...?? OH MY UMMAH..!

From Tsauban r.a. said: "The Messenger. said; “Most come a time in which nations and the world will come around like you who want to eat their meal tray around.” Then one friend asked, “What of that we are a little on that day?” Prophet s.a.w. said, “Even you, on that day a lot, but you are like a bubble in time of flood, and God will pull you out of fear to the hearts of your enemies, and Allah will throw you into the heart disease 'wahan'. A friend asked, “What is wahan O Messenger of Allah?” Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said, “Love in the world and are afraid of death.” 

[Narrated by Abu Daud]


A more important question that we need to ask ourselves; what's our role in all these..? Have we done anything..? Sigh.
from http://angelwearsgucci.blogspot.com/2012/10/oh-my-ummah.html

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